Banks don’t need your money for loans, there is no reason to even apply to them for a loan. There are hundreds of other authorized user tradelines here out there ready and willing to lend you money that won’t hurt your credit at all. But do you know where to find them?

Banks don’t need your money for loans, they will never ask you for it. They make their money from interest payments on loans they have already given out. So the only time that they can make any lending changes is to raise the interest rates on new loans they are making. This means that if you want to apply for a loan now, all you can do is go to one of the many other institutions that they already serve.

loan moratorium: Banks start giving options to avail loan moratorium today  - The Economic Times

There are hundreds of other private companies out there that do still need your money for loans. These companies are in the business of lending money, and most of them will be more than happy to take your application. And since most of these companies are in the business of giving loans, they will want to see that you have been diligent in your previous efforts. This will mean checking your credit report and looking for any mistakes that may have slipped through.

So, you have found one or two potential loan companies that are willing to give you the money you need. Now what? Well, you must look at the interest rate they are offering you and decide if it is indeed a better deal than the institutions that you originally started with. It is perfectly okay to compare the institutions side by side, because this is how we become better at comparing things. We just need to use our own judgement when we are doing this.

Do you know that there are websites that will help you do just that? These sites are specifically made to help you get loan comparisons between various lenders. They will take the time of their customers and get all the information they need from the different institutions. This way you can see who offers you the best deal, and what you can expect from these institutions.

Remember, sometimes it’s not always a good thing to borrow money. If you feel that it would be better for you to just pay your bills for now, then don’t. Just take what you need now and make sure you don’t put yourself into a bad financial situation in the future. The more control you have over your finances, the less control you will have over the money situation. And this will only make your life easier.