The manufacturing division services are offered by Tacna Mexico, a leading IT solutions provider. The company’s three main business units are Textile Products, Electrochemical and Plastics Processing & Packaging. The division services are focused on meeting customer requirements across all types of consumer markets. It offers customized solutions based on customer requirements. The services are mainly supplied through the following business units:

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The Textile Division helps in providing the fabric and non-woven fabrics needed for different types of apparel. It is one of the major clients of the Mijas Velasquez and Mijas Fuerteventura brands. The Textile division mainly deals in the production and distribution of acrylics, polyesters, nylon, rayon, and other textiles. Some of the fabrics manufactured by the division include photos, jute threads, sweaters, and other textiles.

The Electrochemical and Plastics Processing and Packaging Division handle the manufacturing and development of polymers and plastics. It also deals with injection molding polymer systems and industrial coatings. The division also manufactures polypropylene thread and fiber boards, PVC membranes, plastics with coatings, polyurethane foam boards, and thermoplastic and thermoset resins. The manufacturing services provided by the division are also used in the production of rubber and plastic parts, synthetic fibers, electrical and electronic components, automotive sealants, pharmaceuticals, food and chemical products, polymeric powders, and rubber goods.

The Plastics and Polymers Processing and Packaging Division are primarily concerned with the production of high quality polymers and plastics. The division deals in injection molding polymer systems, inlet valves, dielectric coatings, thermoset resins, thermoform plastics, thermoset rubber and thermoset Pharmaceuticals. The Polymer Products manufacturing unit produces thermoset rubber and thermoset resins, PVC membranes, polyurethane foam boards, and thermoplastic and thermoset plastics. The plastics manufacturing division manufactures plastic parts, pipe and cable, rubber and pliable garments, tires, tubes, and gaskets. The division also manufactures capacitors, wire and connector, connectors, wire and cable carriers, and accessories to suit all requirements.

The Paper and Pulp Division mainly deal in paper products. The main products produced by this division include paper towels, magazine pockets, bookmarks, and paper pads. The pulp and paper mills at the tacna Mexican factory process a wide variety of paper products, including booklets, flyers, newsletters, postcards, legal papers, newsletters, and catalogues. The pulp mills are also capable of manufacturing thermal transfer roll and eye pads.

The Cooling and Air Conditioning Division offer cooling and heating services to the industrial sector. The main product manufactured by the Cooling and Air Conditioning Division is the formaldehyde refrigerant. The division manufactures cooling and heating systems that are used for semiconductor process, pharmaceuticals, energy treatment plants, food processing industries, printing shops, and chemical engineering industries. The cooling and air conditioning plants are also capable of manufacturing ozone gasifiers and heat pumps. The Cooling and Air Conditioning Division also produce the cooling towers and industrial fans.