When you start going to college, the experience of growing up becomes real. You are introduced to the best nightlife to explore clubs and bars and throw the most outrageous parties on campus. But wait, you are still underage for buying alcohol and other places with restrictions.

Hence, as a freshman, the rights of craziness and fun are off-limits for you unless you have a fairy godmother known as the fake ID. Then, yes, that godmother will say open sesame for you to enjoy adult fun.

The fake ID comes as a true savior in times of need to spend your night in the bliss of festivities. Still, finding one is pretty straightforward when you order it from a fake ID vendor online like IDGOD.PH. Then, you can have it delivered to the address you prefer without anyone knowing.

But, when it comes to using it, we are talking about way different stories as it involves many complexities in making the right decision. Even if your identification shows, you are 21, walking into that club and asking for a drink is hard.

You can easily slip the waiter at a bar, but it becomes a challenging task against a bouncer. Furthermore, sticklers have years of training with the experience to spot a fake ID. So, even if you are still a minor showing a fake ID, it remains a crime, and the place you attend suffers the consequences.

Use Real Data On Your ID Card

The information on the ID plays a massive role if you want to use it successfully. This is because the card has accurate yet precise coding to generate the information your counterfeit ID needs to have the correct data displayed.

So, choosing a fake ID website needs to provide you with sophistication, using up-to-date software to achieve this. For example, when IDGOD.PH designs a Washington DC driver’s license. The number indicates your birth date, manufacturing ID date, and expiry date.

Hence, the arrangement in the design needs to follow the same rules. It must look the same when you hold your fake alongside the actual ID. Your fake will most likely pass when you visit a club if it has real data.

Another notable thing that many shop owners mentioned is that a person with a fake ID behaves weirdly as if they are nervous. This is when that shop owner asks for identification. So, match your behavior with the information you have on your ID.

Always be confident when you buy booze instead of worrying about getting caught.

Know The Quality Features of Your ID Card

Okay, your fake ID is not just a counterfeit card. But, it is everything that can make your life enjoyable. You can enjoy happy hour or the local bar scene to a pop concert and your planned summer break.

For this reason, you need a quality fake ID scannable to use wherever you need to prove you are 21. Your card must not scream fake and look like a novelty card. The next thing is to know how to use it successfully.

Hence, it helps if you know what a bouncer looks for when having a staring contest with your ID. With this knowledge, you will not end up scammed using a sub-par fake. So, first, get a good fake ID, and yes, we know it can be a bit heavy on your pocket.

Here Are the Elements of Your Fake ID That AreVery Important:

From the time when the counterfeit ID market went wild, the states kept changing the cards tossing things in to make them difficult to copy. So yes, it makes sense as the crazier an item becomes, the harder it is for others to copy.

Still, despite all of these ongoings, there are three significant parts of any identification, whether real or fake. It all comes down to how accurate these components are copied that will make or break your night of fun or led out the door in handcuffs.

  • The barcode plays an essential part in any identification. It is scannable and holds all your key data about you. In addition, the barcode is an added layer of verification in case your ID is manipulated. So, a good fake ID is made with a barcode you can scan to keep you out of trouble.
  • Yes, the hologram can be more than one present on your ID. It is encoded and placed on the surface of the card stock using a laser. So, fake ID providers need to nail this bit as it will be spotted if you face a stickler.
  • Look for the raised text that is embossed and relatively standard in IDs. Yet, it is a more accessible part to copy as anyone can acquire such a machine.

So, consider these factors if you want a good fake ID. Of course, these added verifications need to be done using the best equipment to pass off as originals.

How a Fake ID is Spotted

The following steps are also necessary as each state has a specific design for IDs with different verification features. The bouncer in that state will know these features. They will learn from the size and design of the background to the placing of the hologram. But it is not only with experience as bouncers have other techniques they use.

  • Most IDs have microprint that looks like a straight line that is not visible to the eye. Still, when you hold it up and use magnification ten times, it reveals the text to verify your authenticity.
  • Another concern is that images or text will only be visible with a UV light. So, you may find a bouncer having a blacklight shine on your ID.
  • The other thing is scanning the barcode, or they can tilt your card under light to reveal the holograms like your states symbol.
  • Another method is to feel the card but not often done outside a club as the bouncer is busy. But you may find someone doing this when buying liquor. They will run their fingers over the edges or the surface to see if it is embossed with a laser engraving.

Similar to the security features, your handling when giving your ID is also a giveaway. That brings us to the next step.

Your Physical Appearance

Yes, your personal and physical appearance is essential to gain entry to a place. So, the first thing is not to place your finger over your photo when showing your new ID card. By avoiding this, you can join the other adults in the club to have fun.

Also, do not head straight to the bar for a drink. Instead, browse around and find a comfortable spot to sit before ordering drinks. Finally, if the stickler says your ID is fake, do not shy away from them as it will show they are right.

Instead, be confident and argue with them as it helps convince them it is real. Always be self-assured and act normal. Be polite and greet the bouncer or security personnel with a big smile and change the topic if they start throwing opinions or just laugh at anything they say. Be casual, and do not sell yourself short.

Furthermore, know the information on your ID card back to front if they start asking questions.

Use Your Fake ID in Another State

Yes, you want to visit around the local neighborhood, but they will be able to identify a fake a mile away. When it comes to your state, the bouncers are trained to examine it with a close eye and know if it is counterfeit. So, if you want to buy booze or any alcoholic drinks, never use an in-state ID card.

What Should You Do If You Are Caught?

Okay, different things can happen. The owner can call the police and charge you with a felony or misdemeanor if caught. Still, it depends from one state to another. Each state has its own laws for underage drinking. The police might not even respond in some situations, or the bar might confiscate your ID and refuse service.

Pick a Fake ID Vendor With Quality Features

When you follow the above steps, it can help you get access to the adult world to have fun. Yet, the important thing is to have a fake ID with features similar to your original state ID. It must be a complete replica to pass many tests lying ahead of you.

You do not want your reputation ruined, as it will destroy your moral character if anyone finds out. So keep the features as real as possible, and that is what IDGOD.PH does. If you use the fake ID and it works once. We recommend you wait a while before trying again.

You may have fooled the stickler but do not expect the same results from another doorman again. Always practice care and be mindful of the activities to help keep you safe.