There are many ways out there on how to get a longer penis, but a lot of them involve dangerous pills, or other risky methods. The good news is that there are natural methods that work very well, and can be done in the privacy of your own home. These exercises will let you learn how to lengthen your penis safely, naturally, and easily.

One way that you can do penis enlargement exercises is by using a hand exerciser. These are simple devices that are made to work on the glans penis by exercising the shaft. All it really involves is taking your hand, and putting it as close as possible to the base of your member. You’ll then be able to gradually move it away, until you are able to feel it stretch a bit.

This is one of the easiest exercises to do, and you won’t need any special equipment. There are even programs that you can download from the internet, which show you exactly the right way to go about doing these exercises. I don’t know about you, but I find that it’s a very enjoyable experience. It’s almost like masturbation, except your not actually having sex with anyone. It’s an easy way to help you achieve your goal.

Another great way that I’ve heard works really well is to use a jelqing machine at a saloon. This type of equipment will let you get in the proper position, so that you can target the penis itself. After you’re in the proper position, it will massage the area, and help to elongate it. Of course, it isn’t a real penis stretching machine, but it will get the blood flowing in that area. I wouldn’t do it myself though, because it might cause injury. It’s not worth the risk to me.

Another exercise you can do is called the Arabian jelq. Again, there isn’t a jelq machine that you can buy for this purpose, but you can get some rings that attach to your penis. Put these on while masturbating, so that the ring gets tighter, pulling the penis towards the body. Keep doing this for several weeks, and soon you’ll start seeing results.

These are all good ways that you can start working on how to get a longer penis, assuming you aren’t doing something illegal. Remember, though, that these exercises must be done with a full erection. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the size of your penis, you’ll want to wait until you’re erect, and continue exercising. If you don’t, then it just won’t work.