Lifespan Dental is proud to provide a wide range of dental implant services, including tooth implant surgery. You will first need to receive dental implant surgery, usually performed by your general dentist. Your new dentist will put a titanium post into your jaw and gums, which will in turn serve as an anchoring for your tooth implant. The titanium post is actually a very flexible but rigid part that is designed to be an implant anchor. Once it is surgically placed, you can wear dentures that will cover the implant. There will be a small amount of scarring at the time of your surgery, but after about one year, most of that will be gone.

There are many benefits to dental implant services, and many patients find the procedure to be an extremely positive and successful procedure. If you are missing more than one or two teeth, you might find yourself smiling into an unseeing mouth, and that’s not what you signed up for. With dental implant services, you can have your jaw and other teeth replaced with healthy, functioning teeth. You can have a beautiful smile without needing to wear dentures, and you don’t need to worry about chewing gum or even using other appliances for your teeth. Go through our website at San Diego Smile Center to know more about dental implant services.

Dental implant services

One of the main reasons why people look into dental implant services is because they’re missing teeth. Typically, a patient will consult with their dentist and find out that it is possible to replace the teeth so that the patient won’t need to. However, there are some situations where that isn’t a possibility, such as if you are suffering from severe burns that have scarred your teeth beyond repair. Other things that might lead to multiple teeth being lost include diseases that attack the bone around your teeth, as well as the natural side effects of certain medications.

The most common type of dental implant services that you can get are of the subdermal type, meaning they’re placed on the outside of the gums. These dental implants are the easiest to remove and clean because you don’t need to drill through the bone to remove them. Some of the different types of dental implants you might be able to get are mount implants, which are designed to be mounted on top of the jawbone and serve as a new bridge. They’re also commonly known as “bespoke implants.” You can also get dentures that are custom-made, such as those designed to fit your mouth, and these come in various sizes and styles.

Patients who wish to use dental implant services to replace missing teeth can do so with a variety of different prosthetic options. For example, they might choose bridgework. This is when several different prosthetics are put together to form a new bridge on top of the jawbone. A crown, dentures, and a cap become part of the bridgework, and this replaces the lost teeth for good. Another popular type of bridgework is done using cadaver-like dental implants.

A dental implant procedure allows a patient to regain strength, stability, and use of their remaining teeth. It also allows them to keep their natural bite, since the prosthetic is built to last a long time. It’s important to note that this isn’t an instant solution to missing teeth – patients still have to get regular checkups to ensure that the new teeth are working properly and meeting all of their needs. However, for patients who are otherwise healthy, and who have healthy gums, a dental implant procedure offers a permanent, viable alternative to dealing with the pain of missing teeth. This is why dental implant services are widely recommended.