After completing 12th Arts Stream, a person has full access to a number of professional courses. The chosen course plays an incredibly crucial role in deciding the path of his/her professional life. It also significantly determines the type of jobs that are available in the future. It is therefore, important to understand the importance of being aware of the various types of course that are available in the market. A person’s success in life is highly dependent upon the type of courses that he/she takes up in order to pursue a career in the arts.

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One such course is Introduction to Psychology. This course covers the general nature of psychology as well as its applications in society and professional settings. An understanding of human behavior is essential for entrepreneurs, executives, educators and students. This course helps to enhance the person’s creativity and interpersonal skills as it discusses concepts like social behaviors, communication and leadership.

Another science stream courses available for arts and science stream students is Introduction to Social Work. This course can help arts and science stream students develop abilities in social work, community service and counseling, and social policy. The focus of this course is to develop skills in working with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. It also helps arts and science stream students develop abilities in dealing with diverse issues such as racism, sexism and classism. Students studying social work also gain an understanding of different social policies such as welfare, health care and social services.

Introduction to Business is one of many introductory courses offered in the field of business administration. It aims to impart the basics about the principles and functions of the business organization. It also looks into management theory and planning. This is one of the most crucial classes for all those who are pursuing a career in commerce. This is generally offered as part of Business Administration. Commerce and Science stream courses offered for Business Administration are Accounting and Financial Analysis, Business Law and Legal Study, Economics and Business, Engineering and Science, Health Care Management, International Studies in Business, Law and Statistics.

Pre-university level study options include: Mathematics and Science. Pre-university level mathematics programs prepare students for careers in the natural sciences, mathematics teaching, and mathematics research. Pre-university level science programmes offer a deeper knowledge of the scientific methodologies. Pre-university level physics offers a solid foundation in physical science and technology. Arts and sciences courses offered in the arts offer a thorough grounding in literature, poetry, history and fine art, music and theater, photography and film.

Arts and sciences stream courses for commerce stream candidates are designed to develop professional development, leadership skills, analytical skills, problem solving capabilities and problem solving strategies. An applicant is evaluated on her suitability to participate in these courses based on eligibility criteria specified by each stream. The eligibility criteria for each stream vary from one program to another. In most cases, eligibility criteria require the person to hold at least a bachelor degree or an equivalent qualification in the field from a university or a similar postgraduate institution. There are some exceptions to this requirement where some streams offer credit for prior work experience.