The global financial crisis has forced a drastic change in attitude among the investors towards the banks or LBK全好貸雲林嘉義台南借錢. Earlier, there were many people who were ready to lend money to the banks but the scenario has changed in the recent past. The investors are now not so keen about lending money to the banks. There are a number of reasons for this change in attitude of the investors but one of the main reasons is the financial crisis. The major reason for this financial crisis is unemployment.

The recession has caused a lot of damage to the economy and has created a situation of inflation in the economy. Hence, the incomes have not been able to keep pace with the rise in prices. At the same time, the cost of living has increased and the common people are finding it difficult to meet their expenses. Therefore, it is obvious that the people are looking for ways and means that will help them find a way out of this tight situation and earn money by lending it to the banks.

The answer to this problem is the investment in the stock markets and the banks lend money to the investors through a process called ‘mortgaging’. Anyone willing to lend money to the banks can opt for the mortgages. The investors take up an insurance policy against the amount that they would like to borrow from the banks. The banks agree to lend money at a certain rate and then they use the mortgage as the collateral. When the investor decides to take a loan, he can get back the money fully satisfied if the market goes up. On the other hand, the market drops down sharply if the investor takes a loan against his mortgage.

The investors can earn a good amount of money from the Mortgage Insurance Companies. According to experts, it is quite possible that people earning tax-free income will end up paying more in tax than the money earned by the mortgage insurance companies! This situation arises because the government has not fixed a level for tax-free income. For this reason, anyone earning tax-free income can end up paying more tax than someone earning the money by working in a company that has to pay tax on its profits. Therefore, the mortgage market can provide the investors with a good opportunity to earn some really good money without having to pay any kind of taxes!

The second option that the investors have at their disposal to earn some money without paying taxes is to invest in securities like the common stock of the banks. According to experts, this is the safest and the best way to earn some money! Actually, the common stocks are owned by the banks; hence, they lend funds to the investors. The banks give these securities as a kind of guarantee to the investors that the loans will be repaid. In other words, the investors can claim that the loan will be paid off; and even if it does not, they can claim the market value has gone up!

The last but not least option for anyone willing to lend money without paying taxes is to utilize the mutual funds. Since the investors do not pay any taxes on the returns, they can easily claim a higher return. By utilizing the mutual funds, one can easily create a portfolio of securities that are fully guaranteed by the government. All the investor has to do is to make sure that the mutual funds are invested in U.S. securities that are fully secured by the government. It is highly advisable to hire a professional for the legal structure of this transaction since the laws are often complicated.